1949-2022 Canadian Road Horse Wagon Champions

John Sheridan with Page Boy, Wagon Champions 1975 & 1982
2022Laser Leo/Yannick LaFlammeYannick LaFlame
2019Spunky Len/Derek SalisburyHoward & Derek Salisbury
2018Storm Trooper/Carolyn NugentLloyd Nugent
2017Road Tour/Glen DowneyGlen Downey
2016Road Tour/Glen DowneyGlen Downey
2015Road Tour/Glen DowneyGlen Downey
2014More to Come/Raymond ShivelyRaymond Shively
2013Armbro Beau/ Steve McLeanSteve McLean
2012Armbro Beau/Steve McLeanSteve McLean
2011Total Vision/Carolyn NugentLloyd Nugent
2010Precious Stone/Martin CordeauAQF Morgans
2009Invincible Summer/Judy McNeishJudy McNeish
2008Invincible Summer/Judy McNeishJudy McNeish
2007The Two of Spades/Penny McKeeLavigne & Mckee
2006The Two of Spades/Penny McKeeLavigne & McKee
2005The Messenger/Wayne ScharfKerri Brown & Wayne Scharf
2004The Two of Spades/Penny McKeeLavigne & McKee
2003The Two of Spades/Penny McKeeLavigne & McKee
2002Tantallon Celtic/Bill McWilliamsBill McWilliams
2001Jetform/Gary JonesGary Jones
2000Boogily Bear/Wayne AllisonWayne Allison
1999Boogily Bear/Wayne AllisonWayne Allison
1998Rockin’ Johnie/Henry ClarkeAileen & Henry Clarke
1997Rockin’ Johnie/Henry ClarkeAileen & Henry Clarke
1996Rockin’ Johnie/Henry ClarkeAileen & Henry Clarke
1995Pirate/Bill McWilliamsBill McWilliams
1994Pirate/Bill McWilliamsBill McWilliams
1993Autobahn(aka Winnie’s Guy)/Kenneth WheelerKenneth Wheeler
1992Pirate/Bill McWilliamsBill McWilliams
1991Pirate/Bill McWilliamsBill McWilliams
1990Hometown Hero/Bob RossBob Ross
1989Ellery/Wayne ScharfJean & Tom Oxley
1988Ellery/Wayne ScharfJean & Tom Oxley
1987Hometown HeroBob Ross
1986Flaxen Duke/Glen DowneyMiles Benedict
1985Josedale Movin’ On/Matt MacDougallMatt MacDougall
1984Mr. Jet Away/Bob RossBob Ross
1983Simcoe Duke/Glen DowneyGlen Downey
1982Page Boy/ John SheridanJohn Sheridan
1981Josedale Michael/Matt MacDougallMatt MacDougall
1980Riddell’s Duke/Ralph WalkerRalph Walker
1979Josedale Michael/Matt MacDougallMatt MacDougall
1978Josedale Michael/Matt MacDougallMatt MacDougall
1977Josedale Michael/Matt MacDougallMatt MacDougall
1976Star Lee Over/Ralph WalkerRalph Walker
1975Page Boy/John SheridanJohn Sheridan
1974Star Lee Over/Ralph WalkerRalph Walker
1973Mr. Remlap/Ross ThomasRoss Thomas
1972True Lee/John SheridanJohn Sheridan
1971Medicine Man/Lorne CrawfordLorne Crawford
1970Night Flight/Ed TeeterEd Teeter
1969Dr. Friday/Lorne CrawfordLorne Crawford
1968Dr. Friday/Lorne CrawfordLorne Crawford
1967Dr. Friday/Lorne CrawfordLorne Crawford
1966Dr. Friday/Lorne CrawfordLorne Crawford
1965Dr. Friday/Lorne CrawfordLorne Crawford
1964Avalon Major/Andy LaSalleMrs. James Soloman/Andy LaSalle
1963Avalon Major/Andy LaSalleMrs. James Soloman/Andy LaSalle
1962Royal Commander/Roy CalderRoy Calder
1961Fashion Lady/Fraser HurdmanFraser Hurdman
1960Royal Commander/Roy CalderRoy Calder
1959Lady Lee/Wilf LindsayWilf Lindsay
1958Fashion Lady/Fraser HurdmanFraser Hurdman
1957Bulldozer/Robert CampbellRobert Campbell
1956Royal Commander/Roy CalderRoy Calder
1955V-Day/Dyke WilliamLongview Farms
1954Patricia Volo/Earl FosterEarl Foster
1953Patricia Volo/Earl FosterEarl Foster
1952Patricia Volo/Earl FosterEarl Foster
1951Patricia Volo/Earl FosterEarl Foster
1950Patricia Volo/Earl FosterEarl Foster
1949Patricia Volo/Earl FosterEarl Foster

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