Do you know someone who has made considerable contributions to the Canadian Road Horse Association and deserves to be recognized for their efforts to show in or promote the division?  By completing the Nomination Form, you can have your say about the next Hall of Fame Inductees.  Complete details and the nomination form are available here:

  • Nomination Form –   2023 CRHA Hall of Fame Nomination Form
  • The Nomination form can be accessed by clicking the link directly above. Please download/save the file, complete it and follow the submission instructions. 
  • The form also includes information about induction criteria.  

Canadian Road Horse Association
Hall of Fame

The Canadian Road Horse Association launched the Hall of Fame initiative in 2001 as a way of honouring those who have contributed to the organization as an exhibitor of road horses, supported classes, promoted the discipline to aid in attracting new exhibitors,  or made other significant contributions to benefit the Canadian Road Horse Association and mission.  Taking into consideration the family nature of exhibiting road horses, nominees can be a single person or couple.  Nominations are accepted each year, with consideration every third year given to honouring association members who are deceased.  

This online recognition of all those who have been inducted since the Hall’s inception acts as a permanent record of those who have worked tirelessly to continue the tradition of exhibiting road horses.

John Sheridan

Inducted - 2001

Ralph Walker

Inducted - 2002

Lorne Crawford

Inducted - 2003

Moree Thomas

Inducted - 2004

Harley Allison

Inducted - 2005

Mary Croft

Inducted - 2006

Les & Pearl Lawrence

Inducted - 2007

Fraser & Ruth Hurdman

Inducted - 2008

George & Elva Boyce

Inducted - 2008

Ivan Cochrane

Inducted - 2008


Lou & Alma Thibaudeau

Inducted - 2008

Lloyd Nugent

Inducted - 2009

Don & Joanne Heath

Inducted - 2010

Matt & Myrtle MacDougall

Inducted - 2011

Lois Allison

Inducted - 2012

Phyllis Sheridan

Inducted - 2012

Ross Thomas

Inducted - 2012

Myrna Walker

Inducted - 2012

Glen & Lori Downey

Inducted - 2013

Ross, Doreen, Lloyd, Lois McLean

Inducted - 2014

Howard & Norma Salisbury

Inducted - 2015

Jim McKague

Inducted - 2016

Elmer & Kay Todd

Inducted - 2017

Wayne & Shirley Scharf

Inducted - 2018

Norm Plouffe & Judy Gauvin

Inducted - 2019