Green Roadster Classic

2022 Green Roadster Classic Information

The Canadian Road Horse Association is pleased to offer the Green Roadster Classic again this year, after a two year hiatus due to very limited horse shows available. Rules, nomination form, show form and document clarifying eligibility for horses shown in 2019-2021 are available at the bottom of the page and can be downloaded.  

2022 Green Roadster Classic Rules

To be Held: At the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario.

Prize Money:

  • Total prize money allocated to the class is $5,000.
  • If more than 12 horses are nominated/to be shown, the class will be split into 2 qualifiers to be held on Friday November 4th, 2022.


  • Horse must be in their first or second consecutive year of showing or 5 years of age and younger, whereby breeding classes are excluded and showing is defined as entering the show ring.
  • Horse must be a Standardbred that is registered either with Standardbred Canada or the United States Trotting Association. A copy of the registration papers with the horse transferred into the current owner’s name must accompany the nomination form. In the event of a horse being leased, a copy of a registered lease (through Standardbred Canada or USTA) must accompany the nomination.
  • Only 2 entries per stable to be shown, however unlimited nominations will be accepted.
  • The owner, driver and trainer must be a member in good standing of the Canadian Road Horse Association prior to September 3, 2022.
  • Horse must also be entered in the 2022 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair to exhibit.
  • Horse must have competed in a harness class at a minimum of 2 different horse shows/fairs in advance of the Royal Winter Fair during the current calendar year to be eligible. The enclosed form must be filled out and postmarked on or before October 21, 2022
  • Due to Covid Restrictions in Canada, first year Canadian owned horses that showed in 2019 or 2021 will still be eligible for the 2022 Green Roadster class.

Fees:  Nomination fee (non-refundable):

Made payable to the Canadian Road Horse Association

  • Postmarked on or before September 3, 2022 …………………….… $100.00
  • Nominations postmarked after September 4, 2022 will not be accepted.
  • Entry fee: As identified in the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair prize list
  • Membership fee: Made payable to the Canadian Road Horse Association
  • Due by September 3, 2022 ……………………………………………… $25.00

For information contact:

Kerri Brown, Secretary

Nomination Form, Rules, Eligibility Clarification and Show Form available here to be downloaded: