1989-2022 Canadian Road Horse to Bike Champions

Storm Trooper with Carolyn Nugent – Road Horse to Bike Champions 2012, 2013, 2016 and 2017
2022WC My Casey/Ricky HarrisRicky Harris/Cheryl Innis/Danny Hicks
2019My Casey/Ricky HarrisRicky Harris/Cheryl Innis/Danny Hicks
2018My Casey/Ricky HarrisRicky Harris/Cheryl Innis/Danny Hicks
2017Storm Trooper/Carolyn NugentLloyd Nugent
2016Storm Trooper/Carolyn NugentLloyd Nugent
2015Nordic Storm/Jim McKagueJim McKague
2014Emerson/Raymond ShivelyRaymond Shively
2013Storm Trooper/Carolyn NugentLloyd Nugent
2012Storm Trooper/Carolyn NugentLloyd Nugent
2011Electrical Image/Sebastien HebertSebastien Hebert
2010Cookie Monster/Mark CatronMark Catron
2009Big Red/Raymond ShivelyRaymond Shively
2008Big Red/Raymond ShivelyRaymond Shively
2007Road Rage/Wayne ScharfShirley & Wayne Scharf
2006Road Rage/Wayne ScharfShirley & Wayne Scharf
2005Road Rage/Wayne ScharfShirley & Wayne Scharf
2004Romantic Moments/Yannick LaFlammeYannick LaFlamme
2003Bunker Buster/Danny BuggDanny Bugg
2002Romp Away/Lawrence CarssMr. & Mrs. Lanny Judd
2001The Gambler/Sam BrannonLeatherwood Farm
2000Midday Special/Ross McLeanRoss McLean
1999Midday Special/Ross McLeanRoss McLean
1998Cross Bow/Laurence SmithLaurence Smith
1997Ellery/Tom OxleyJean & Tom Oxley
1996Midday Special/Ross McLeanRoss McLean
1995Astrolite/Bill McWilliamsBill McWilliams
1994Midday Special/Ross McLeanRoss McLean
1993Patino/Sam BrannonSam Brannon
1992Bourne Decisive/Wayne MarshallWayne Marshall
1991Knee Deep/Jim McKagueJim McKague
1990Oscar/Bill McWilliamsBill McWilliams
1989Friday’s Song/Bob RossBob Ross

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