CRHA Hall of Fame

Lou & Alma Thibaudeau - 2008 Inductees


Lou Thibaudeau began showing in the 1930’s and did so continuously till 1962.  Over the years they exhibited at many shows both close to home, and at a distance, including Belleville, St. Catherines, and the Royal.  Brownie Lee was the grandson of Lee Harvester which was imported from the USA in the 1930’s.

His progeny were the foundation stock of the USA and Canada in the 1940-50’s.  Brownie Lee was a consistent winner throughout Horse Shows Association Zone 2 Champion.  When Lou Thibaudeau’s son Peter was old enough, he began to show his father’s Road Horses and Mrs. Alma Thibaudeau as a very accomplished driver.  Peter and wife Jean lived in Hanover, where he continued to train Standardbreds, but for the race track.  Their daughters Carrie, Lori and Vicki all have shown, Carrie with an American Saddlebred, Lori with a Harness pony, and Vicki married to Barry Gregg, showed his families Clydesdales.  As well, a Shetland Pony was kept for the next generation, who carried on their Great-Grandfather’s love of horses.