CRHA Hall of Fame

Howard & Norma Salisbury - 2015 Inductees

Howard was raised on an Ayrshire dairy farm where his first exposure to a standardbred was helping his Father deliver mail. As a very young man he began showing ponies at Brome Fair. Howard bought his first roadster in 1980 named Frost Will Do, (Frosty to the family), followed by Lake Tahoe (Skip), other favorites Linderdale Sam and today No Sunday Sales.

Salisbury’s first showed at Royal in 1998 The pair class was always the highlight on his list including winning the team class at the Royal and 1st place with Bruce Raidy’s Bills Best and his Frosty. Other highlights from showing horses was Derek winning the OHHA Green Roadster Classic in 2010 and Howard and his sons, Derek & Dale all showing in the same class at the Royal.

Frost’s Haybaler was a race horse that was rescued from the scrap heap and developed into a successful race horse for Howard before moving on to new owners.

The family showed Morgans from the late 80s to early 90s . At the same time Howard took up the art of shoeing their show horses.

Howard served as president of the Canadian Road Horse Association 2006-2008, was inducted to Quebec Road Horse Hall of Fame, and Howard and Norma are both very dedicated and active in the local church.

We are proud to recognize Howard and Norma as our 2015 Canadian Road Horse Hall of Fame inductees.